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Genuine Cummins Parts vs Non-Genuine Parts:

Non-genuine parts may fit a Cummins engine – but they aren’t built or remanufactured using the same procedures or materials, to Cummins exact specifications. Genuine Cummins new and ReCon parts are guaranteed to fit right and work right. They include the latest upgrades in design, materials, and manufacturing technology -- and are backed with 100% coverage on parts, labor and progressive damage.

If you’re looking for the absolute best in durability, reliability, performance and long-term value, the choice is Genuine Cummins parts. Nothing works better or lasts longer.

When considering a replacement part, it’s important to know the difference between a part that is remanufactured and one that is repaired. A typical engine shop repairs a part or engine by replacing components that are obviously broken or malfunctioning, missing other worn parts. In contrast, Cummins ReCon parts go through a rigorous 5-step remanufacturing process, with complete disassembly, cleaning, inspection, restoration and testing to ensure that they meet – or exceed – original performance specifications.

To learn more about the difference in quality and performance between Genuine Cummins parts versus non-genuine parts, click below to discover more.

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The fleet hauler, owner/operator or maintenance manager who is running older, high mileage equipment will have engines that have been overhauled once or twice. When major repairs are needed, a Cummins ReCon engine is the right choice. Every Cummins ReCon engine has been completely disassembled and remanufactured using the identical 5-step remanufacturing process used with our ReCon parts.

Cummins ReCon engines include the latest upgrades in design, materials, and manufacturing technology, and are hot tested to ensure that they meet rigid Cummins performance specifications. Cummins ReCon engines are also backed by a full Cummins warranty for peace of mind and complete financial protection. Click below to discover more.

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